Renovation of the church "Heilige Familie" in Amberg

We were commissioned to renovate the tower crown of the Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Amberg. The base flange of the tower cross had been heavily affected by the weather for decades and, due to safety concerns, renovation was necessary. We completely rebuilt the flange, integrated it into the existing bracket, and additionally secured it to the roof with a newly produced base plate. The cross was also renovated, coated with special paint, and all formerly gilded parts were restored by hand with new 24-carat gold leaf. It became exciting when the cross had to be reinstalled at a height of about 40 meters. A 60-ton crane was brought in to lift the cross, which measures 2.90 meters by 5.80 meters and weighs an estimated 250 kg, to its rightful place in the air. We are proud to have managed this demanding project together with the involved craftsmen and architects. After the scaffolding was removed, we were able to put the restored clock into operation. The diameter of the dials is about 4.30 meters, and the length of the hands is about 2.50 meters. Over 1500 pieces of gold leaf were used in dozens of hours of work. But the result was worth the effort. We wish the church community in Amberg much joy with their new clock, may it only display the most beautiful hours.

Restoration of Town Hall Treuchtlingen - Carillon and tower clock

The renovation of the clock tower and the carillon of the town hall in Treuchtlingen included the removal of the clock faces, hands, and clock drive. Additionally, all strike bells had to be dismantled to replace the aging wooden beams of the bell frame. After disassembly, all parts were brought to our workshop for preparation. Clock faces, hands, drives, tower balls – everything was professionally restored, newly gilded, and prepared for reinstallation. During installation, a new control unit was also installed to ensure a perfect sequence of alternating carillon melodies and an accurate time display of the clock.

Renovation of the bell system from the church of Gleußen

The contract at the Evangelical Church of Gleußen included the complete dismantling of the existing bell system, a recasting of four bells, and the subsequent installation with the use of a crane to bring the bells into the tower, manufacturing and installation of new yokes and fittings, and upgrading the existing bell drive to a gentle, fully electronic ringing system. As a specialized company with decades of experience, we were able to ensure a smooth renovation process and were thrilled to receive a highly positive acceptance report.

Renovation of the tower clock movements, dials and hands at the Neubauturm of the university Würzburg - Highest tower of Würzburg

Renovation of the bell system from Klaussteinkapelle.

The bell expert discovered a fracture in the bell crown during the inventory. We were quickly on site to inspect the damage to the historic bell from 1732 and provide a quote for the repair and conversion to a gentle, fully electronic ringing system. After the order was placed, the bell was dismantled, taken down from the tower, and the broken crown was expertly welded and then reinstalled. We were pleased to be able to restore the bell ringing to one of the oldest chapels in Franconian Switzerland, so that it can continue to sound for many more centuries to come."

Restoration of a pocket watch

If you take a closer look at the facades of shops in cities or communities, you will often see so-called exterior clocks. They come in all sorts of variations, from train station clocks and column clocks to pocket watch-sized clocks. As a specialized watchmaking company, we also specialize in the restoration of such exterior clocks. This includes completely disassembling the clock, sanding off the old paint, repainting and gilding, overhauling or replacing the movement, testing, and then reassembling the clock.